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Artikel: Essential Accessories for Apple Watch Owners

Essential Accessories for Apple Watch Owners - Buckle and Band

Essential Accessories for Apple Watch Owners

If you're a new owner of an Apple Watch, or perhaps you're a long time enthusiast looking for something to compliment your setup? Well you're in the right place! Here at Buckle and Band we understand the importance of accessories and adding your own personal touch to something, from style statements to practical upgrades and protective measures, our curated list will give you the lowdown on the top essentials for your Apple Watch

Straps that Speak Volumes

Your Apple Watch deserves to stand out, and what better way to make a statement than with an Apple Watch strap that matched your mood/style/feeling? Everyone's personal tastes are different, and that's the joy of it! You can deck out your outfit in whatever colour or style fits your taste, it's the same with your Apple Watch. Buckle and Band have a wide selection of some of the highest quality luxury leather Apple Watch straps available on the market! From classic leather, so leather/silicone hybrid sports straps and even stainless steel Milanese straps - we've got something to compliment your unique taste. You can browse our full range of beautiful Apple Watch straps, and elevate your smartwatch game HERE!

Thre images of Buckle and Band luxury leather Apple Watch straps, being worn by different people in different styles

Screen Protectors - Keep your investment safe!

With something as impressive as the Apple Watch, you're going to want to protect is as much as possible - Keep that stunning retina display in pristine condition with some screen protectors! Whether you're out for a run, hitting the gym or just going about your daily business, make sure you've got a screen protector equipped to ensure your Apple Watch remains scratch-free and looking as pristine as the day you first took it out of the box! These simple attachments are easy to fit on to your Apple Watch and won't obstruct the straps or touchscreen. CLICK HERE to protect your Apple Watch today!

Apple Watch protective cover, alongside an Apple Watch

Charging Docks - Your Apple Watch's Best Friend

Make sure that your Apple Watch (and iPhone) never run out of charge through the day, upgrade your desk setup with a stylish and efficient charging dock. A sleek addition to your desk or bedside table, these dock s not only keep your tech fully charged and ready to go, but they also serve as a stylish display stand, without taking up too much space on your station. Bid farewell to the days of fumbling with messy cables, and say hello to hassle-free charging that looks as immaculate as it functions.

Apple Watch and iPhone wireless charging station

We found this wireless charging station on Amazon.com for around £20, that can charge your iPhone and Airpods as well! CLICK HERE to check it out!

Travel Cases: On-the-go protection

For those tech enthusiasts who are constantly on the move, be it for work, leisure or travel, a travel case provides the ultimate safeguard and peace-of-mind for your Apple Watch and your favourite straps. These cases ensure that no matter where your path takes you, your Apple Watch and accessories stay protected.

A leather Apple Watch travel case on Amazon.com

You can choose from a plethora of styles to fit your own personal preferences, and it'll easily slip into a travel bag, handbag or suitcase. Make sure that, no matter where you go, you've always got a selection of your favourite Apple Watch straps on hand (or wrist!) We found this super suave leather Apple Watch travel case that looks great with a Buckle and Band luxury strap! CLICK HERE to grab one for yourself

Personalisation with Watch Faces

Did you know that you can switch up your Apple Watch's face to make it fit your mood or outfit? There are many different styles and options of watch face available for the Apple Watch, from sleek minimalist designs to interactive animated watch faces that read the time, featuring popular childhood characters like Mickey Mouse and Snoopy! There's bound to be a choice that'll fit your style, and they're customisable too, so you can hone in your outfit or mood with ease.

Different Apple Watch faces on display

Apple Watch Wallpapers - Spice up your Watch

If you prefer an eye-catching wallpaper for your Apple Watch then why not apply your own wallpaper background? You can choose from one of your favourite picture from your iPhone, or a slideshow of a few pictures. If you like to celebrate the holidays and events for each month then why not check out Buckle and Band's very own wallpapers of the month?

Buckle and Band monthly wallpapers for February 2024

Our graphic designer, Rob, has been hard at work curating a selection of super eye-catching Apple Watch wallpapers which showcase the national and international holidays for each month! So far we've had themes including: Pancake Day, The Superbowl, Burns Night, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year! If you like a new look for your Apple Watch, why not check out our monthly wallpapers HERE?

Health and Fitness Accessories

As you may have pieced together by now, your Apple Watch is MUCH more than a simple timepiece, it's your own personal companion and fitness trainer too! With the endless fitness apps, activity trackers, calorie counters and heart monitoring capabilities, your Apple Watch can be there by your side throughout your fitness adventures. Whether you're a keen runner, hiker, or more of a gym-goer, your Apple Watch can help you keep track of your workouts, as well as the results from each workout. For those intense workouts or activities, you'll need an Apple Watch strap that can hold up to the vigorous movement, heat and perspiration. Buckle and Band's Mona and Hybri ranges of workout straps are the perfect companion for any avid fitness enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to see for yourself!

Mona Pink Apple Watch workout strap, being worn by a woman adjusting her trainers whilst on a run. With a water bottle in the foreground

They feature a sweat/water resistant silicone under layer, paired with a sturdy leather upper to bring you a super durable and reliable workout strap that can last through the most intense of sessions. They're fully waterproof so you can even take it for a dip in the pool or the sea without worrying about perishing the materials whilst you record your laps!

Be sure to check out these accessories for your Apple Watch and elevate your tech game to the next level. Personalisation makes everything more fun and enjoyable, and if you're wearing it on your wrist most days then it's important to make it your own. Be sure to discover the perfect blend of fashion and functionality with Buckle and Band, and let your Apple Watch reflect your personality. Explore our full collection of stunning luxury Apple Watch straps and leather accessories HERE

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