At Buckle & Band we're dedicated to creating the best straps and bands for the Apple Watch and you'll be pleased to know we have an exciting Vegan range of Apple Watch bands coming very soon.

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Your new Vegan Apple Band is made from the highest quality microfibers. 

What is Microfiber Leather and what is it made of?
Microfiber leather is the abbreviation of microfiber polyurethane synthetic (faux) leather. It is the highest grade of artificial leather, and due to its remarkable performance, microfiber leather is known as the best real leather alternative. (most people can't even tell the difference.) Very similar to the Vegan leather seats inside a Tesla.

Microfiber leather belongs to the a 3rd gen of artificial leather, and its structure is very similar to genuine leather.

We make ours from bamboo and polyurethane resins which actually look like real leather.