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Article: Water Resistance and Your Apple Watch: What You Need to Know

Water Resistance and Your Apple Watch: What You Need to Know - Buckle and Band

Water Resistance and Your Apple Watch: What You Need to Know

In the ever-evolving world of smartwatches, the Apple Watch has consistently set the bar high with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Amongst the plethora of impressive features, the Apple Watch boasts water resistance—a feature designed to complement your dynamic lifestyle.

  • Apple Watch Series 1-3: These models are splash-resistant but not suitable for submersion. You can wear them in the rain or during a workout, but avoid exposing them to water beyond everyday activities.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 and later: 

    These models boast improved water resistance, suitable for swimming and snorkelling. With a water resistance rating of 50 meters, they can handle water-based activities more effectively.

  • Apple Watch Ultra & Ultra 2: These models of Apple Watch are built for the rugged outdoors and boast much more impressive water resistant capabilities than most regular Apple Watch series, with a water depth resistance rating of 100 metres (or 40 metres for recreational scuba diving)

With the enhanced water resistance of Series 4 and later, your Apple Watch is able to accompany you through swims or even engaging in water sports like kayaking or paddle boarding, your device can track your progress and monitor your heart rate even underwater!


Water ejection

After your Apple Watch emerges from water, the water ejection feature kicks into action. Simply turn the Apple Watch's digital crown wheel and, using a clever combination of sound vibrations and the device's speaker, the Apple Watch expels any water that may have found its way into the watch's speaker grill. This not only preserves the functionality but also ensures that audio remains clear and unobstructed.

While newer models are water-resistant, it's important to note that hot water and high-pressure water sources like showers or water jets can affect the seals over time. Consider removing your Apple Watch before such activities to prolong its lifespan.

Apple Watch displaying water ejection screen


If you're an Apple Watch owner who enjoys water based activities then you'll need a strap that can hold up to the task. Enter Buckle and Band's Hybri and Mona ranges of sports straps, meticulously crafted for Apple Watch users who value both comfort and performance. Tailored to suit your active lifestyle, our straps have been designed with workouts and water in mind.

Hybri red Apple Watch sports strap by Buckle and Band

The foundation of our sports straps lies in a dual-layer design. The inner layer, made from sweat and water-resistant silicone, ensures your watch remains in place during intense activities while remaining comfortable on the wrist. Meanwhile, the outer layer boasts genuine full-grain leather, providing not just functionality but also a touch of sophistication to your Apple Watch.

Buckle and Band pink Mona Apple Watch sports strap being worn by a woman out on a run. Tying her shoelaces

A comfortable workout strap is imperative to a focused workout, you don't want to spend your whole active session constantly adjusting a slipping strap, or itching an irritative spot that keeps rubbing against your wrist. Our hybrid sports straps are the perfect blend of comfort, style and versatility - The smooth silicone under layer provides a secure and snug fit on the wrist, ensuring your Apple Watch stays in place during throughout your activity, whilst not compromising on comfort. Whether you're lifting weights in the gym, or swimming some laps in the pool, Buckle and Band's range of hybrid workout Apple Watch straps are the perfect companion for your activities

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