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Article: Best Apple Watch Straps for Different Occasions

Best Apple Watch Straps for Different Occasions - Buckle and Band

Best Apple Watch Straps for Different Occasions

At this point, your Apple Watch is more than just a piece of tech; it's a versatile accessory that complements your lifestyle, no matter the occasion. Whether you're headed to a formal event, hitting the gym, or enjoying a casual day out, the right watch strap can elevate your style and enhance your comfort, as well as being a form of personal expression. In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through the world of Apple Watch straps, curating a collection of the finest leather bands for various occasions. Discover how you can seamlessly transition from work to play, from a night out to a weekend adventure, all while keeping your Apple Watch looking its best


Most, if not all Apple Watch users are wearing their tech on their wrist with them all day every day, through whatever plans or activities they're undergoing. A casual strap would be one that's not too "flashy" or eccentric (depending on your style and personality) and fits comfortably, one that can be worn all day without even realising. For some this can be one of Apple's official silicone straps that come with some Apple Watches, or their braided nylon straps that fit snugly on the wrist but don't apply too much pressure or friction either.

At Buckle and Band, we believe our Mila Suede Apple Watch straps are the perfect casual everyday companion for your Apple Watch. Made from the highest quality full-grain suede leather, these straps aren't just comfy but also super stylish and eye-catching - They're available in red, black or brown and feature intricate white stitching along the sides of the strap which looks great!

Mila brown suede Apple Watch strap by Buckle and BandMila brown suede Apple Watch strap from Buckle and Band on the arm of a woman holding a coffee cup

While we talk about the Mila suede strap as being a "casual wear" strap, the truth is that it would look great if paired with a more formal outfit like a suit, dress or just a smart shirt! It's a versatile strap that's as eye catching as it is comfy.


If you lead an active and/or outgoing lifestyle, perhaps you enjoy closing your activity rings on your Apple Watch, or keeping track of your fitness goals and achievements then you'd need an Apple Watch strap that can withstand the constant barrage of workouts, sets, reps, lifts, squats, burpees, runs, swims and deadlifts etc. It's important to have a strap that can, not only put up with all of these things, but also still feel comfortable on your arm and not move about or rub on your skin. Skin irritation is a big issue for active Apple Watch owners as certain straps can cause irritation or rubbing - some people also experience issues with Apple's official silicone workout straps, normally due to underlying silicone allergies or intolerances.

Here at Buckle and Band we have 2 ranges of hybrid workout straps for the Apple Watch. "Hybrid" meaning they're made from a combination of a durable and comfortable silicone under, which forms a breathable and protective sweat/water resistant under layer that can withstand any intense workout or dip in the pool. The upper layer is a sturdy leather which not only looks great but also holds up against the barrage of workouts.

Hybri - Buckle and Band Hybri straps are our most popular workout straps, loved by many of our customers. They come available in Red, Black or Brown with a black silicone under layer and also feature a button-clasp fastener which provides a solid but comfortable grip on the wrist, which can easily be released when needed.

Hybri red workout strap by Buckle and Band

Hybri brown strap by Buckle and Band, being worn on the wrist of a man taking a drink of water during a workout

Mona - Buckle and Band Mona workout straps are similar to our Hybri straps, but feature a buckle system for fastening, as opposed to the button clasp on the Hybri straps. Our Mona straps are available in brown, black and pink! Whereas the Hybri straps feature black silicone and coloured leather, our Mona straps feature the selected colour on both the leather and the water/sweat proof silicone under.

Mona pink workout strap by Buckle and Band, attached to an Apple Watch

Mona pink workout strap by Buckle and Band being worn by a woman in gym attire during a run

Formal wear 

This is where an Apple Watch strap becomes more of an extension of ones outfit, complimenting and adding to it. In a formal setting the casual look isn't always the best, something that's stylish but still smart looking is the aim of a formal look. 

Lond - Buckle and Band Lond straps are our most formal looking straps, they're a thick and sturdy leather build with stitching down the sides of the strap. They're simple in design but super high quality and luxury in look and feel and they top off any outfit perfectly. Our Lond straps are also available as a Vegan leather option, made from recycled microfibers. Whether it's a cocktail evening, formal dinner, job interview or wedding - the Lond strap will elevate your outfit to dapper new levels.

Lond Vegan leather strap being worn on the wrist of someone opening a car door

Lond brown Apple Watch strap by Buckle and Band being worn on the wrist of someone wearing a denim jacket

Miam - Buckle and Band Miam croc-style leather straps are inspired by the bustling, wild atmosphere of Miami, Florida. These straps are in the style and appearance of crocodile leather, they look sleek, stylish and ooze class. They go great with any formalwear, but also casual wear as well - they work as a great "all-rounder" strap for anyone looking for a versatile strap that'll suit any occasion. Our Miam croc-style straps are available in black, brown and pink (if you REALLY want to stand out)

Miam black crocodile-style leather strap by Buckle and Band
Miam black crocodile-style leather Apple Watch strap by Buckle and Band
Stainless Steel - If you really want to turn some heads the Buckle and Band Stainless Steel Milanese strap might be the one for you. Designed in partnership with one of Germany's leading manufacturers of stainless steel straps for famous Swiss watch companies such as Omega and Breitling - This strap costs a bit more then the others, but the quality and standard is reflected in this price. It features a mesh design that comfortably wraps around the wearers wrist and clicks in place, it's a sturdy and solid accessory that not only looks great but also feels luxury.
Buckle and Band stainless steel Milanese Apple Watch strap
Buckle and Band stainless steel Milanese Apple Watch strap
All Buckle and Band luxury Apple Watch straps are fully compatible with every Apple Watch series, so there's no need to worry about fitting. We like to believe that we truly have an Apple Watch strap for every occasion so why not have a browse for yourself?

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