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Article: 10 reasons why you SHOULD own an Apple Watch

10 reasons why you SHOULD own an Apple Watch - Buckle and Band

10 reasons why you SHOULD own an Apple Watch

So you've heard the fuss, you've seen the adverts and you might even have a friend or family member who owns an Apple Watch, no doubt at some point you've probably thought to yourself "What's all the fuss about?" To many, the Apple Watch seems like just another piece of tech to obsess over, but there are many reasons why the Apple Watch is way more than just a device for telling you the time, and today we're going to go through 10 of these reasons!

Making calls on the go - Instead of fumbling around in your pockets during that frantic rush to answer your phone before it rings out, you can simply just answer it on your Apple Watch and save yourself the frustration. Or perhaps if you don't have a handsfree setup in your car, or if you're out and about on a bike and need to take a quick phone call; simply raise your wrist and start talking!

Timers and Reminders - It may seem small or pretty mundane to most, especially when the same function is available on the iPhone but using your Apple Watch to set timers and reminders for yourself is a lot faster and simpler. By using the Siri function, it really is as easy as telling your Apple Watch to "set a timer for 5 minutes" or maybe you're walking to work and suddenly remember that you're all out of milk at home, simply tell your Apple Watch to "remind me to buy milk at 4pm" and voila!

Walkie Talkies - Admittedly, this one is just a fun little app to have a play around with, and definitely one that reignites the 10 year old child within us! You'll have to invite a friend to be able to use this feature (obviously!) but simply open up the walkie talkie app, tap your friends name and then they'll be able to communicate with you through the Apple Watch. Plan your afternoon cafe trip, crack some banter or pretend you're a special agent on a top secret mission...the choice is up to you!

Maps - Now admittedly, when we first heard about the feature of maps on an Apple Watch, we were quite skeptical! "Why would anyone want to view a map on this tiny little screen?" and it's a fair point, however, it's a really useful feature and can most definitely help you out. Say you're exploring in a brand new city, chances are that you won't want to be walking around with your fancy iPhone in your hand all day. The Apple Watch allows you to either start your location on the watch or you can use Siri to find your desired destination, say you're looking for a coffee shop, simply put that in and your Apple Watch will guide you with distance visualisation and will even vibrate on your wrist whenever it's time to turn left or right! Even your iPhone won't do that.

Offline Music - Anyone who likes going for runs or going to the gym will tell you how great it is to not have to cling to a chunky iPhone when they're in the workout zone, especially if they're wearing shorts or running pants that have no pockets on them. With the Apple Watch on your wrist, you can use offline Spotify or Apple Music to download your favourite music/podcasts etc. Simply put in a pair of Airpods or bluetooth headphones and you can track your run/workout whilst listening to your media of choice.

Calendars - This is another feature that may sound rather mundane or not very special, but can actually help out massively with your day-to-day life and bustling work schedule. Say you've got a busy day ahead, maybe a meeting at 12 O'clock, then a lunch date at 1:30pm, those calendar events will actually show up on the face of the Apple Watch to remind you throughout the day. So whenever you take a quick glance at your Apple Watch, you'll be reminded of your upcoming plans for the day.

Siri - Most people have Siri already integrated onto their iPhones, so why would you need it on your Apple Watch too? Well it's so much easier to simply raise your arm and speak into your watch, as opposed to reaching around in your pocket/handbag etc for your phone. Whether you're asking how hot it'll be today (or if you're based in the UK, it'll more likely be to ask how cold it's going to be!) asking to convert a number from one currency to another, or asking which actor played the villain in that film you haven't watched in years! It's as easy as raising your wrist and speaking.

Fitness App - This is probably one of the more popular and useful features on the newer Apple Watches. Many people may have seen the three colourful rings on the Apple Watch screen, and these rings are indicators of how much exercise the wearer has done that day. The app looks after you by telling you if you've sat down for too long, reminding you to stand up every so often. It also tracks all of your steps and walking distances so that you can keep an eye on how you're doing. On a more professional level, it can track your runs, cycles and even swims (assuming that you have one of the newer waterproof Apple Watches!) You can also use an Apple Watch with compatible exercise machines! By tapping the watch against the machine after a workout, you're able to store all that workout information to your watch so even if you're running inside, you can keep track of all that information.

Changeable Straps - You know we had to mention this sooner or later, right? Personalisation is always a useful feature for accessories, especially ones that you wear upon your wrist. Not many traditional watches allow you to personalise the straps or even interchange them with different ones, if you buy one with a brown strap, that's what you're stuck with. With the Apple Watch, you have a seemingly endless choice of straps to choose from, and you don't have to stop at one! Different days bring different moods, which call for different straps; sometimes you want a colourful one to match your mood or the weather, but if you're going to a fancy dinner or wedding you may want to swap it out for a neat modest leather strap. If you're looking for new straps for your Apple Watch, why not check out our selection of gorgeous Buckle and Band genuine leather, suede leather and hybrid silicone straps? We're bound to have something that'll take your fancy!

Apple Pay - Another feature that is available on the iPhone, but is made so much more simple by having it on your wrist! Whether you're paying for groceries or a coffee, you can simply hold your Apple Watch to the device and you've paid! Our favourite application for this feature is when using public transport, if there's a large queue of tense commuters behind you, the last thing you'll want to be doing is holding up the whole line by fumbling around for your phone. You can also use the wallet feature and Stocard app on the watch to store your card in the wallet, and then it'll be ready to use when needed. It's one of those things that, once you've gotten used to it, it's very hard to live without!

And there we have it! 10 reasons why you should own an Apple Watch, and just how exactly it can make your day-to-day life easier! Do you agree with our list? Do you think we've missed something out? Let us know in the comments, and why not check out our Youtube video on this subject?



My son insisted that my husband, 82, and myself,78, wore an Apple Watch ,
Recently I had COVID and I felt and hit my head, I was alone and can say the watch saved my life
The watched felt the fall and immediately call the emergency in seconds the rescuers were in my house and took me to the hospital.
I think this is the most important feature of the watch and should be advertised more, at the emergency room most people didn’t know about this feature

Anabela Urbano

My favorite use is simply find my phone


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