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Article: Apple Watch Fall Detection Saves Another Life!

Apple Watch Fall Detection Saves Another Life! - Buckle and Band

Apple Watch Fall Detection Saves Another Life!

There have certainly been no shortages of Apple Watch's fall detection feature saving the day for Apple Watch users. First introduced on the Apple Watch Series 4 back in 2028, the Fall Detection features makes use of the Apple Watch's accelerometers to detect a sudden change in movement and positioning, followed by a lack of movement. Taking this into account, the Apple Watch shows an emergency screen stating that a fall has been detected, and asking the user if they're okay or if they need medical assistance - If the message isn't dismissed after a certain amount of time then the Apple Watch notifies emergency services, along with any emergency contacts that the wearer has listed.

One such Apple Watch user recently wrote in to AppleInsider to tell them about his recent experience with this extremely helpful and life-saving feature. Alexander Laserson from Ontario, Canada fell from a ladder last week and struck his head. After his Apple Watch detected the fall and received no response to the caution message displayed on the screen.

Alexander's fall has rendering him unable to respond to the fall detection alert, so the Watch alerted the emergency services along with his wife. His wife discovered him soon after and was able to talk with emergency responders via Alexander's Apple Watch. He was rushed to the emergency room for treatment and received seven stitches, he credit's Apple for creating such ingenious and life-saving technology which responded so quick to his fall.

"Without the Apple Watch, it's possible I would be dead right now" said Laserson "The technology works" Fall detection is available in Apple Watches Series 4 and upwards. It is automatically enabled for users aged over 55 years, but can be manually turned on in settings:

How to enable Fall Detection on your Apple Watch

Fall detection can be turned on either from the iPhone or the Apple Watch.

How to turn on Fall Detection on iPhone:
  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app
  2. Tap on "My Watch"
  3. Scroll down to "Emergency SOS" and tap on it
  4. Tap to enable "Fall Detection"
How to turn on Fall Detection on Apple Watch:
  1. On your Apple Watch, open Settings
  2. Scroll down to SOS and tap on it
  3. Tap to turn on "Fall Detection"

Do you have any Fall Detection stories? Maybe you, or someone you know has been saved by it before? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear your stories!

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