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Article: Apple Watch Series 7 - Whats new vs Series 5 and 6?

Apple Watch Series 7 - Whats new vs Series 5 and 6? - Buckle and Band

Apple Watch Series 7 - Whats new vs Series 5 and 6?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the new smartwatch launched by Apple in September 2021. The smartwatch takes the design of the previous models and builds on them to make it better. Apple has also included new features to build on the experience of their previous models of the Apple Watch. 

Suppose you are new to the Apple ecosystem. In that case, you might not really notice the difference between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the older versions. However, there a few significant changes added to the Series 7 make it perform better than the Series 5 and 6. The larger display is the most obvious difference you’ll notice when you switch to the series 7. 

If you already own older Apple Watch models like the series 5 and 6, you might be wondering why you should upgrade. We will discuss the differences between the Series 7 and the older versions of the smart watch. This should help you make your next decision.


New Features of the Series 7

Apple is known to release devices that come with slight changes or additions. As a consumer, you sometimes wonder whether upgrading is necessary because you can’t differentiate between older and newer models. Even though the Apple Watch Series 7 does not have major changes, it still has new features that are worth trying. 


New Design

If you are an Apple Watch user, the first thing you’ll notice about the series 7 is the change in design. This is the first time Apple has released a smartwatch with a different design since the series 4. Even though it is not a major change, it still shows that Apple is willing to adapt to what its users want. 

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in two sizes; a new 41mm and 45mm casing size (you can barely tell the difference because it is in micrometers). It has a 10.7mm thickness, which is the same as the Series 6. The watch weighs from 32 grams to 51.5 grams depending on the size and casing material used. 

The watch has more rounded edges than the Series 5 and Series 6 models. It has an IP6X dust resistance certification for those who are worried that their phone will attract a lot of dust. This can be helpful if you wear your Apple Watch during sports or vigorous activity. 

The series 7 has a black ceramic back containing four LED clusters and four photodiodes. They help the device to monitor your heart rate, Electrocardiogram (ECG), and blood oxygen level. 

The Digital Crown of the Apple Watch will be different, depending on the type you purchase. For instance, the LTE Apple Watch comes as a Digital crown with a red ring around it. The GPS-only models have no colored rings. 


Fast Charging

Many people have been asking Apple to increase the battery capacity of the Apple Watch to make it last longer. Even though more battery has not been added, fast charging is meant to help you keep your smartwatch charged always. 

Fast charging is a new feature Apple added to the smartwatch to charge quickly with the help of a USB-C cable. The watch now has the ability to charge from 0 to 80 percent within 45 minutes. If you always wear their Apple Watch every time, this feature can be very helpful. You can easily charge it in the morning before you leave for work without having to wait for a long period for it to charge. 


Qwerty Keyboard

Apple has included a Qwerty Keyboard, which allows users to send or reply to messages from their iPhone. This is very helpful, especially when you want to reply to a message, but your iPhone is not close. Even though the Apple Watch is equipped with Siri, it helps to have an option to type your messages. 


Larger Display

The Series 7 has a larger display which is 20 percent more than the Series 6. This was done by reducing the borders by 40 percent to accommodate more screen, hence reducing the space between the screen and the edges. 

The larger screen also comes with an always-on retina display. This means that you can see what’s on your screen without tapping or raising your wrist. You can also see notifications from the screen when are your hands are down because the screen is 70 percent brighter. 



Internet connectivity is necessary if you want to use your Apple Watch effectively. The Apple Watch Series 7 is equipped with the W3 chip, which has two variants; the GPS and GPS+ Cellular. GPS models support Wi-Fi only, and the GPS+ Cellular comes with an LTE chip. This means you can stay connected to the internet without using your iPhone. However, you cannot fully depend on your Apple Watch without using an iPhone. The reason is that the Apple Watch does not have enough battery capacity for constant use without any iPhone nearby. 



The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in five aluminium casing colours; Blue, Green, Product Red, Starlight, and Midnight. There is a stainless steel option that comes with Silver, Gold, and Graphite casings. You can also purchase a titanium case option, Silver and Space Black options. 


Keep in Mind

Apple has not changed all the features of the series 7. Mainly because if there is nothing wrong with the old version, there is no reason to change it unless there is a need to update any feature to make it better. 

The Series 7 supports Apple Pay purchases like the older models, so you can still pay for services without worrying about learning new methods. It also supports emergency calls with SOS. 

The old health features remain to help you monitor your activities. 

The infra-red sensor on the Apple Watch tracks your heart rate and reports and irregularities noticed in the Health app. Noticing such irregularities can help you decide whether you have to visit your doctor. 

There’s a fall detection feature that detects if you have fallen or you were involved in a collision. If the feature is turned on, the smartwatch asks you if you need assistance. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has added a twenty-second timer that starts when you start washing your hands. This feature is meant to encourage you to wash your hands regularly to protect yourself against the virus. 

You can still track your sleep when you wear your Apple Watch to bed. There are other ways you can use the Apple Watch to track your health.


Reasons to Upgrade to the Series 7

With all the new features listed above, these are some of the reasons you should upgrade to the Series 7 if you are still using older models of the Apple Watch. 



The Series 7 is more durable than the older models of the Apple Watch. The IPX6 certification makes it dust resistant. It is also crack-resistant because of the crystal used for the screen. You can swim in shallow waters with your Apple Watch without worrying because of the WR50 ratings. All these features make it more durable than the older models, meaning it will last longer. 


The Display

One of the main reasons to switch to the Series 7 is the large display. A larger display means you can see things clearly, ranging from notifications to messages received. The brighter always-on display also gives strong reasons to switch to the new Apple Watch. This display prevents you from always raising your wrist or tapping your screen if you want to view your display. This option can always be turned off in the settings if you want to stick to the normal settings.


Battery Life

Having the option of an always-on display makes you wonder if the battery will last longer. Even though Apple has not increased the battery capacity of the Series 7, the new features do not have any major impact on the battery. This is mainly because how long your Apple Watch lasts heavily depends on your usage and not the features. The fast charging feature also makes it easier to charge your watch quickly if it runs out of juice. 


Health and Fitness Features

If you are using the Apple Watch mainly because of the fitness features that come with it, switching to the Series 7 is the best option. Even though it was not included as new features added to the Series 7, Apple has added many health and fitness features to the watch. 


The watch now has the ability to detect which activity you are engaged in and starts tracking it immediately. For example, you are biking, but you forget to input it into your Apple Watch. It detects it from your movements and starts tracking. When you are done, a report is presented to check your progress. The other features mentioned should be another reason to upgrade to Series 7.


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You say “micrometer” in the New Design paragraph.
mm is millimeter not micrometer
That 10^-3 meters vs 10^-6 meters which is on the cellular level in the human body.


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