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Article: The Cosiest Leather Apple Watch Bands for Winter

The Cosiest Leather Apple Watch Bands for Winter - Buckle and Band

The Cosiest Leather Apple Watch Bands for Winter

So it's the final month of the year, and it's time to start winding down, relaxing and unwinding from the many challenges that the year may have brought. If style is your thing, then it's time to start thinking about introducing a touch of warmth to your wardrobe this festive season. Buckle and Band's luxurious leather Apple Watch bands can be the perfect accessory to complement the winter season, from warm colour palettes to cozy textures, these bands are designed to seamlessly transition from outdoor winter activities to indoor celebrations.

Warm and Inviting Colours

At Buckle and Band, we have a selection of warm and inviting colours for the winter seasons, including our Lond brown and khaki brown straps, or for the Christmas season, our Vegan leather Lond straps come in a festive green colour. These warm colours evoke a homely and cosy feeling, especially at this time of year. The dark chestnut brown goes hand in hand with the Christmas theme (what with the chestnuts roasting on an open fire and all that jazz) and the slightly lighter Khaki brown evokes themes of being wrapped up by the fireplace.

Lond brown leather Apple Watch strap by Buckle and Band being worn on the wrist of a man wearing a denim jacket

Lond khaki brown Apple Watch strap by Buckle and Band being held in a pair of hands

 The rich "wooden" colours of the khaki brown Lond leather strap by buckle and Band introduces a lighter shade to your wrist, whilst still keeping that cosy colour palette. It features a thick and sturdy leather strap with intricate stitching along the sides and an embossed Buckle and Band logo on the underside. These straps are the perfect companion for an elegant Christmas outfit, or even just a lazy boxing day spent in the living room!

Cosy Textures for Cold Days

It's not just colour that varies between our Apple Watch straps, but textures too! from the genuine full-grain leather of our Lond straps, to the smooth and soft feeling of our Mila suede straps. The warming texture of our genuine suede leather Mila straps can greatly improve any outfit that they're paired with - available in black, a lighter brown shade or a beautiful dark red colour. The red, in particular, evokes the warmth of a nice hot glass of mulled wine by the fire.

Mila red suede leather Apple Watch strap by Buckle and Band, being worn on the arm of someone wearing a red jumper

Our Mila suede Apple Watch straps also feature intricate white stitching along the sides which goes great against the red colour of the suede leather. These straps are great for any occasion - they suit formal outfits, or everyday casual wear! The suede provides a soft and comfortable fit on the wrist, and are perfect for the colder winter months.

From Outdoors to Indoors

Versatile in nature, Buckle and Band straps are made to withstand whatever activities you undertake. Our Mona and Hybri models of Apple Watch straps are mode for workouts and activities and are perfect for a long winter walk or snowball fight! Both straps feature a black silicone under layer that is sweat and water resistant, whilst still upholding the comfort and durability needed for an Apple Watch strap. Above the silicone is a sturdy and sleek looking leather upper layer which is available in black, red or brown. Our Hybri straps use a stud fastener for easy fastening and unbuckling to and from the wrist.

Hybri red and black workout strap by Buckle and Band

Our Mona workout straps also feature a sweat and water resistant silicone under layer, paired with a genuine leather upper. These straps come available in black, brown or pink (if you're feeling especially flashy!) and the silicone under layer is the same colour as the rest of the strap.

Mona pink Apple Watch workout strap by Buckle and Band

Mona pink hybrid workout strap by Buckle and Band, being worn on the wrist of a woman who's adjusting her running trainers. With a water bottle in the foreground

Our Mona straps feature a classic buckle fastening system, for fans of the traditional strap style. Both of our workout strap models are the perfect companion for winter activities as they're made to hold up against the elements and vigorous workouts - allowing the wearer to transition from outdoor activity to reclining by the campfire without having to change straps. 

In conclusion, whether your Christmas plans consist of winter walks, sleigh rides and outdoors activities, or sitting by a roaring fire with a box of chocolates and glass of wine, Buckle and Band are bound to have an Apple Watch strap that'll suit your tastes. With a mix of warm and welcoming colours that'll go with any outfit, soft and comfortable textures that are easy to wear for hours on end, and versatile materials that are durable and reliable, we're bound to have a strap for you. Check out our full range of luxury genuine (and Vegan) leather Apple Watch straps and accessories by CLICKING HERE

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