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Article: How to Care for Your Leather Apple Watch Strap

How to Care for Your Leather Apple Watch Strap - Buckle and Band

How to Care for Your Leather Apple Watch Strap

So you've received your luxury leather Apple Watch strap for Christmas (lucky you!) We sure you're doing to love it, it'll serve you well. Taking care of your watch strap requires a bit more attention than your regular leather goods. Whether you're rocking a genuine leather or a vegan leather strap from Buckle & Band, ensuring its longevity is essential. Let's delve into some care tips to help you enjoy your leather accessories for years to come.


The Lond and Miam collections boast durable, high-quality leather products, and we've crafted a guide to keep them in pristine condition. If you own the Mila suede strap, pay extra attention to our additional notes.

  1. Daily Use

Handle your Buckle & Band leather strap with care when putting it on or taking it off. Leather is a natural material that stretches over time, so avoid pulling too tightly. Be gentle while fastening or removing devices from their loops to prevent unnecessary stress on both yourself and your luxurious accessory.

  1. Leather Conditioners

Yes, it's safe to use leather conditioners on your Buckle & Band leather watch straps. Opt for products safe for skin use and check for any potential allergies. We recommend natural, skin-safe conditioners. Note that leather conditioner may darken leather, which some people appreciate for its natural look.

Check out our recommended product here. If you own a Mila suede strap, test any protectors on a small piece of suede material first due to its porous nature.

  1. Avoid Water (Like a Gremlin)

Water and oil can stain and mark leather, so it's best to keep your strap away from excessive moisture. A small amount of water on a damp cloth is suitable for cleaning, but never submerge your strap. For the Mila suede collection, avoid water altogether.

  1. Use a Soft Brush

Clean your leather strap and Apple Watch connectors with a very soft toothbrush or microfibre cloth. Remember to remove the strap from your Apple Watch before cleaning, ensuring you also clean the connectors.


  1. Handle with Care

While the Hybri and Mona collections are designed to endure various activities, avoid stretching the material excessively. These Apple Watch straps are built to withstand sea swims and intense workouts.

  1. Natural Aging of Leather

The underside silicone is waterproof, but the treated leather tops will naturally age over time. Use them for all kinds of workouts, but treat them with care.

  1. Leather Protector

You can use a leather protector on these bands. Allow them to dry for 24 hours before wearing. Check out our recommended product here, which works well in protecting the leather.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a hand with anything!

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