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Article: Is the Apple Watch Series 4 Still Worth Buying in 2022?

Is the Apple Watch Series 4 Still Worth Buying in 2022? - Buckle and Band

Is the Apple Watch Series 4 Still Worth Buying in 2022?

The Apple Watch Series 4 was launched in September 2018 to replace the Series 3. It was one of the best smartwatches in the world at that time. This was the first time Apple changed the design of their smartwatch since the release of their Series 1,2, and 3. The older models came with updates but maintained the same physical form. 

The Series 4 came with a slightly bigger screen size, rounded edges than the Series 3, a thinner body, and a new heart sensor. All these changes might seem minor to you, but they improve the experience and performance of the smartwatch.

Even though there are better models of the Series 4 on the market today, the smartwatch is still valuable. Today’s discussion is going to be on everything you need to know about the Series 4. You can then decide whether it is worth buying in 2022.

Is apple Watch Series 4 still worth buying?

Image shows the difference in screen size between Series 4 and Series 7


Features of the Series 4

The Apple Watch has many features that help you to make life easier when used properly. The watch is meant to help you use the iPhone better. Most of the features listed here can be seen in the newer models of the Apple Watch with just a few changes. 



The Series 4 Apple Watch has a 30 percent larger screen than the Series 3. Apple did this by reducing thick bezels around the screen and stretched the screen closer to the edge. A larger display means larger icons on the Apple Watch. It also means that it is easier to read notifications. New watch faces were included to accommodate the larger display of the watch. The display on any smartwatch is an important feature, so having a larger display on the Series 4 makes it better than the Series 3 or older versions. 

Apple watch Series 4 vs Series 7


The Apple Watch Series 4 originally came with WatchOS 5. This platform is available for all smartwatches, including the older models. The WatchOS 5 makes it possible to track your exercises by including a number of different exercises. Even though the smartwatch production has been discontinued, it is still supported. You can update software to WatchOS 8. You might not get all the features that come with the update, but you still get a few features that the watch can support. 


The smartwatch is in two sizes; 40mm and 44mm. Even though the increase in size is in millimeters, it is bigger than the older models. The bands of the older models can still fit the series 4. So if you want to upgrade to the Series 4 from the older models, you can still do that. The bigger size is meant to accommodate the large display introduced in the watch. 


The smartwatch is equipped with the S4 chip, making it more powerful than its predecessors. The chip makes it twice as fast as the Series 3 and has a louder speaker, producing clearer audio for the watch. This means that you can use Siri and Walkie-Talkie features better. The battery lasts longer than the older models, so you can use the Apple Watch for longer periods unless you are using it to track your continuous activities, which can drain the battery faster.


Health and Fitness

Apple started to focus more on health and fitness with the Series 4. The smartwatch displays alerts that can help you to stay active and healthy. You get access to new exercises, including yoga and hiking. You can also track your exercise to check your progress each time. The Series 4 has the ability to track your workout automatically. This is helpful when you forget to start a workout. This was not possible in the old models. In the past, when you forgot to start your workout on your Apple Watch, you lost all the data you could have gathered during your workout. 

The Series 4 has the ability to detect falls using the accelerometer, optical heart rate sensors, and the gyroscope. When a fall is detected and you remain on the floor for some time, the Apple Watch will call the emergency line in your country and your emergency contacts using your iPhone or its cellular connection. When it was released, this feature was still in the development stages, so it might not work compared to the newer models. With every software update, you get more features that will help you stay on track with your health and fitness. 

Just like every Apple smartwatch, the Series 4 has a Digital Crown. This feature helps users to scroll through the display without touching the screen. However, there is a new addition to this feature. It provides haptic feedback when used, unlike the older models. 



The Apple Watch Series 4 is definitely still worth buying in 2022 since you can upgrade to watchOS 8. But, this is dependent on how you will be using the smartwatch. For example, if you buy the watch because of its standard features like what is listed above, you can opt for the Series 4.

If this is the first time buying an Apple Watch, you’ll find that there are many models available on the market. Since the release of the Series 5, Apple has discontinued the production of the Series 4. So you cannot buy the Series 4 on the Apple Store, but they are still sold in Apple’s refurbished stores or other tech stores. 

If you still own a Series 4 Apple Watch, you can still keep it because it offers the same value as newer models on the market. The Series 4 can perform about 90 percent of the functions of the newer models. You can use your smartwatch without upgrading since it has similar features as the watches sold on the Apple Store. 


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How can I get my crystal replaced? Cost to have it replaced? Series 4 generation 40mm.

Penny Coplin

Does this watch have always on display bc some articles say they do and also is the phone calls and text messages work and can I reply to text messages bc I
Hear some do and some don’t and it’s for for my daughter and she can’t be


I bought an apple 4 gps Wifi Bluetooth 44 . Got it from E Bay. With charger and extra band and free shipping for 137.00 it’s my first Apple Watch and I love it.

Charles Click

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