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Article: The top uses for the Apple Watch

The top uses for the Apple Watch - Buckle and Band
Apple Watch

The top uses for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great tool for fitness, sleep and general day to day use. It's also a great piece of technology that can revolutionise your life.

1) Fitness: The Apple Watch lets you track your fitness on the go and track the calories you burn.
2) Sleep: The watch can track when you are awake and how long you stay awake, giving you insight into how your sleep cycle is affecting you and how to optimize it for restful sleeping.
3) Heart rate monitoring: The watch can be used to monitor your heart rate at all times, giving you more insight into your health than blood pressure readings alone.
4) Sleep tracking: The watch gives more information than just sleep duration, it also tracks how much time you spent in REM sleep and whether or not that time was light or deep sleep.
5) Activity tracker: The Apple Watch will track a variety of activities such as running, walking and swimming so you can see trends in your daily activities over time to make sure they stay on track with your goals (such as weight loss).

Fitness tracking with the Apple Watch

There are a lot of things you can do with the Apple Watch, but fitness is one of the most popular. Some people think it's a cutesy exercise device that's not actually very useful. That's not true. The Apple Watch can track your heart rate and sleep patterns, which can help you manage your health and even your productivity.
What about fitness? The watch uses accelerometer sensors to track your running form and even its own heart rate when you run on its GPS-enabled platform.
A timer function lets you set a goal for how long you'll be doing it for, while an activity tracker lets you know how much time you've spent exercising — at any given time. A live screen saver will keep the watch face on your wrist even if the screen is sleeping in order to remind you to take breaks when needed
-Fitness tracking on the Apple Watch
There are loads of fitness tracking apps out there that track your workouts and not just your weight, height, and heart rate. The Apple Watch allows you to do this with a simple glance on the wrist.  It tracks the calories burned, distance traveled, and pace. This is super helpful when you're trying to lose weight or exercise more often.
In fact, many fitness tracking apps will use your watch's accelerometer to track your movements. While this can be used for a number of different activities, it's especially useful for runners. Instead of having to take a stopwatch with you during runs or races, you can simply use your watch's accelerometer to keep track of your pace (this is also very helpful for keeping time on your runs).
It also works well for general walking as well as running (not just long walks). You can use the accelerometer to keep track of how many steps it takes you in one minute and then compare that against other people.
The Apple Watch will tell you if you've taken too many steps in one minute compared against others in town or another user's workout history. It also adds a step counter at the top of the screen which will show how many seconds were spent walking/running.
The Apple Watch will also show your "steps" while walking/running by displaying a progress bar in front of the screen (which is actually quite handy when running on an treadmill as it gives you that sense of progress without having to stop running). And it works even better if there are other items going on around you at the same time (such as a crowd and people yelling at each other).

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