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Article: Apple Watch Wallpapers Of The Month | March

Apple Watch Wallpapers Of The Month | March - Buckle and Band

Apple Watch Wallpapers Of The Month | March

And just like that we're in March - which means only one thing! If you've missed either of our previous two Apple Watch WOTM packs or want to find out more about this monthly giveaway you can click here. For now though - lets find out what's in March's pack! 


First off is International Women's Day! On the 8th March people all around the world will be celebrating this global holiday that recognises inspirational women in our own lives and throughout history. This day also helps raise awareness for relevant issues such as gender equality and reproductive rights to name a few. This wallpaper depicts the globally recognised female symbol of the circle and cross that was thought to have stemmed from planetary symbols in Ancient Greek writing. This particular symbol representing Venus; the goddess of beauty.

A quick jump from Venus to Mars brings us to our next wallpaper and a look into how the month of March first got its name. The word 'March' originally comes from the Latin 'Martius'. Martius was the Ancient Roman god of war who the Romans named (what was then) the first month of their calendar after. The word 'Mars' also derives from the same 'Martius'. This God was held in such high regard that the red planet was also named in his honour due to its bold appearance and reddish hue that was thought to resemble the blood of battle - quite fitting for a god of war... 

From God's to Saint's now as March is also renowned for being the month that honours the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick's Day falls on the 17th March every year and originally celebrated the man who spread the word of Christianity across Ireland and has now become a more general celebration of all Irish heritage. This landmark day is represented here by pennants in the green, white and gold of the Irish Tricolour.

This year Easter Sunday falls on the 31st March. The day that, in Christianity, marks the resurrection of Jesus is now also associated more generally with spring time and new life. It's believed that the egg now has such a strong association with the Easter Period due to their symbolism of new life and rebirth that goes back to early Christians staining eggs red 'in memory of the blood of christ'. Wether you're getting involved in the festivities this year or just hoping to enjoy a long bank holiday weekend we hope you all have a great day!

To purchase March's Wallpapers Of The Month click here or redeem for FREE when you sign up to our Apple Watch Insider Club. If you're already subscribed check your emails for your Insider Code. Be sure to check out our Luxury Apple Watch Accessories and join us again in March for your next instalment!

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