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Article: Apple Watch and Smart Home Automation

Apple Watch and Smart Home Automation - Buckle and Band

Apple Watch and Smart Home Automation


Needless to say by now, we're living in the most technologically advanced age in human history! Your Apple Watch is the perfect example of this: a small device on your wrist is able to make and receive calls and texts, browse the web, play music wirelessly to your earphones or speakers, and connect to other devices nearby. We're pretty much living in Star Trek at this point!

And in this age of advanced tech and magical wrist watches, smart homes are quickly growing more and more popular amongst tech lovers and people looking to streamline their routines. But what role can your Apple Watch play amongst smart home automation? And what features are available? Let's have a look into this.


HomeKit is Apple's smart home platform, which is designed to let you control various internet-connected home devices -- ranging from thermostats and plugs to window blinds, light bulbs, and more -- with Apple devices. HomeKit isn't a software or a physical product - it's a framework that links smart home devices together and adds new capabilities to devices like lights, cameras etc. HomeKit lets you control smart home products using your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and even Siri voice commands.

Three Apple Watch screens displaying HomeKit integration screens, with information like camera feeds, room temperature and scene options

Whilst controlling a smart device with your iPhone is pretty impressive in itself, it really comes into it's own when you have the ability to control numerous devices all at once to create "scenes" or set up automations so that they activate automatically. Picture the lights dimming to a nice ambiance, the window blinds shutting by themselves and the fireplace lighting itself - warm, cosy and ready for a relaxing night in. Or running yourself a bath upstairs from the comfort of your armchair in the downstairs living room! All with the press of a touchscreen, or a simple voice command. But it can get even cooler than that!

Geo-Fencing Intelligence

Imagine coming home from work, approaching your house and as you approach your home, your Apple Watch detects your proximity and triggers a series of actions through HomeKit. The porch light switches on, the thermostat adjusts to your preferred temperature, and your smart door unlocks to welcome you into your mood-lit, warm home. HomeKit's geo-fencing capabilities can ensure that your living space anticipates your needs, and creates a harmless transition from the outside world, to the warming comfort of your home.

Siri Voice Commands

It becomes even easier to operate smart devices when Siri voice commands are enabled - instead of tapping a button on your Apple Watch screen, you can simply speak them! Commands like "Hey Siri, turn on the living room lights" or "set the thermostat to 25 degrees (celsius!)". The convenience of hands free control adds a new dimension of ease to your daily routines, making your Apple Watch an indispensable part of your smart living experience.

Apple Watch displaying Siri voice command, asking to turn on the living room lights

These features can be highly useful and helpful for people with limited mobility: A demographic that Apple are continuously making their products more and more accessible to. With simple voice commands, less movement and strain is needed - a simple command like "turn off the upstairs landing lights" saves someone the energy and possible discomfort of having to walk upstairs to carry out the action themselves, only to have to come back downstairs again.

Home Security

Not only can smart home integration help with convenience, but home security can become a streamlined and connected process as well. Owners of home security systems like Ring doorbells or connected cameras will be able to receive realtime alerts on their Apple Watch, notifying them of any unusual activity or triggered sensors. With a glance at the wrist, owners are able to view live camera feeds and take swift action if needs be, ensuring the safety of their home and loved ones.

Apple Watch displaying a live camera feed of a front porch from a Ring doorbell camera. Notifying them that movement has been detected

Alarms can be enabled and disabled from the Apple Watch, whether the user is leaving or returning home, toggling the alarm status has never been easier. Users will also be able to remotely lock and unlock doors with a simple tap on their Apple Watch screen, ensuring that everywhere is locked up safe whilst they're away from home. The integration of security features into your Apple Watch elevates it from being a simple smartwatch and accessory to a crucial component in your smart home defence system. 

As you explore the myriad possibilities of smart home automation with your Apple Watch, it's essential to ensure that your trusted companion is not only equipped with cutting-edge technology but also adorned with the epitome of style and sophistication. At Buckle and Band, we understand the importance of seamlessly blending functionality with fashion, which is why we offer a stunning collection of genuine leather Apple Watch straps.

Mila brown suede Apple Watch strap by Buckle and Band

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our straps are designed to complement the sleek aesthetics of your Apple Watch while adding a touch of luxury to your outfit. Whether you're controlling your smart home devices, receiving real-time security alerts, or managing your daily routines, our premium leather straps provide the perfect finishing touch, elevating your Apple Watch experience to new heights. Embrace the future of smart living in style with Buckle and Band – where technology meets elegance. CLICK HERE to browse our full range of stunning Apple Watch straps and accessories!

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